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A 360 Degree Marketing Strategy is What You Need

What pops up in your mind when I mention the term marketing? A few posts on social media, a sporadic blog, and a scattered SEO policy together create a picture in mind. How will you benefit from that? If you are of the opinion that marketing is confined to above-mentioned activities, you certain do not know a thing about marketing.

Let me unearth the secret to successful marketing. Writing off the old school method of marketing would be like digging the grave for your business. While you can ride the wave that digital brought, you won’t sail for long if you turn a blind eye to offline marketing. A successful campaign takes your idea to both online and on ground audience deftly. Identify the essence of your product or brand and accordingly determine the channels that will work stupendously in your favor. You need to be on the ground too if you intend to capture the audiences who are not on the web. Go for a holistic approach to balance your marketing campaign.

Integrated Approach:

There are about 900 million people in India who are not on the web as they do not have the access to the internet. How do you propose to reach about 900 million Indians who have no access to the internet? The solution is to employ an integrated approach where your strategy covers both online and offline mediums.

Offline is the medium that takes your activity to that 22 % of users who are alien to the internet. On ground activity enables the commute of your campaign to the traffic that does not commute online. Hoardings, banners or pamphlets that reach the sight of consumers give your business an excellent amplification. Align your on ground activity with your online mediums such as your website, blogs, social media, PPC and more, so that it reaches as many people as possible. Ensure that your website displays the banners and hoardings that you have been using for your on ground activity so that users can associate with your campaign on the web too.

Start with a website:

Your website is your catalogue and without a doubt the best business card you can ever have. Users see your website before associating with you. Have as much information as possible in the most precise manner on your home page especially your contact details. Make sure your website is user-friendly, interactive, and optimized for search engines. Educate your audience along with enticing them at the same time.

360 marketing

On ground:

When you are running an activity on the ground, make sure your website reflects the same. Start promoting the on-ground activity you are going to hold on your website and on social media platforms so that you get traffic on the ground during the activity. Also arrange for banner ads and hoardings, lending all the important information including the day and the venue for the activity you are going to hold. Optimize your website so that people can learn more about the same when they search the web.

Social Media:

It is needless to say that you need to be on social media.  Brand connect is the key to a kickass campaign. Facebook is the leading social media platform with about 1.86 billion active users each month, followed by Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and more. The exposure you can get on social media is unimaginable. It is not just a platform to keep your audience informed but also a podium where they engage with you and reach out to you. The kind of push Social media can give to your brand is indescribable. Make sure you use one name for all social media channels so that the user can identify you instantly. Keep your target audience informed about your campaign, deals, sales, and offers on this power-packed medium of connection and engagement.


Partner your brand and services with right influencers. ScoopWhoop or YouTube can prove to be incredibly beneficial when it comes to taking your brand and business to the right segment of users.


Find influencers and bloggers in your niche and associate with them to reach a wider segment of people.


Influencers hold a strong grip in their niche. They are valued for their knowledge and the understanding of niche topics or domains. People depend on the insights they share and seek suggestions too through emails and social media. Try to associate with such influencer who can give your brand the right visibility on right channels.


Blogging is immensely influential. Not only does it inform your audience about what you do but also prompts them to engage with you. In a way it instigates them to associate with your campaign. Talk about the on-ground activities on your blogs. Seek their opinion so that they engage with you.

Video Blogging:

The most contemporary blogging method can take your campaign to new heights. Nothing works better than connections. Make a video that is compelling and explanatory so that the audience can relate to you and connect with you.


In order to reach the audience who are not on the web, go the PR way. You can publish an article or a press release in the newspapers, informing the public about the activity you are going to hold; be it an online or on-ground activity.

TV and Radio ads:

you can also run the advertisement on TV and radio to reach a bigger number of audiences. To engage them with your campaign and to inform them about the purpose and aim of your campaign.

There are a lot many ways to reach your audience and it all starts with recognizing your segment and also recognizing the place where you will find them. However, you will not be bothered about knowing where to find them when you employ a 360-degree approach with your campaign. The exposure, coverage, and the engagement a holistic campaign can give your campaign is beyond belief.

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