Content Writing Guide: Benefits of Unique content?

Content Writing Guide: Benefits of Unique content?

Are you looking for below three questions? Then this post is completely for you.

1. What is unique content and how to write it?  
2. How to make it interesting?
3. Can we get ranking only basis of content?

I think you have all heard about unique content many times. So,

What is unique content?

Uniqueness means the content that was not published anywhere before. If you are an Internet Marketer or webmaster and want to increasing traffic to your website; then you need to have a fresh & quality content to attain high ranking on the SERPs. As, Google aimed to provide the best results for end users and SEO keeps on changing every day. So, for stable or improved ranking, we need fresh and quality content.


How to write the quality content?

Content is actually meant for your visitors who come to look for information. When you are able to write unique and fresh content then you can surely have a huge traffic on your site. Now, the question arises here that how to write fresh and Unique Content? I think there are thousands of websites out there! However, only a rare gets truly popular! In my points of view, there is no rocket science to write quality content. If you want to write such a unique content then you need to understand that you are unique. You need to think from the perspective of visitors and write the content. You need to understand the people/visitors’ requirement what they want from you. If you do this, then you will be able to write a unique/quality content.

How to make it interesting?

Now, what will be the next step? Our main intension is how to make it interesting. It’s pretty clear that if you want people to view and read your content, then it needs to be interesting. You need to add value with exciting information that offers reader with a useful source to pass on to others; it needs to have the SENSATION factor! It doesn’t matter what topic you’re content addresses, to be fruitful, the content must be enjoyable or appealing.

Can we get ranking only basis of content?

If you want still attain high ranking in the SERP’s then practically it is not possible to rank your website on top without unique and fresh content. Content is the key factor in SEO point of view and it plays a vital role in getting high position on any search engine. There is lot of actions that does not require content writing. But, if you want your site optimized in reputed search engines then you need to implement all SEO strategies (on page & off page, SMO etc.) over your website. SEO is very competitive and it’s really tough to get on to the top list of SEO. If you want to momentum your website on the top of the SERP’s then definitely without content you may not be able to get top ranking. In other words we can say that content is the “King” these days.


We must understand that Google is constantly working to improve search results. Recently, Google has done major updated related to search query “Hummingbirds”, which aimed to provide better result for the user. I should also say that SEO and content writing are the two sides of same coin. But, it would not be incorrect to say that we can get high ranking only on the basis of content.

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