Directory Submission: Rules and Things to Consider

What are directories?

Types of Directory?

Directory Submission Process?

Benefits of Directory Submission?

Reasons behind Rejected Directory Submission?

What are directories?

Directories: Generally, we can define the directories as a folder in which we can save our information. Similarly, when we save our information on the World Wide Web, this is called a web directory. A web directory is not a search engine; instead, it is a list of websites in which we can submit our information according to our categories and sub categories. Directory Submission is a basic step taken by a search engine optimizer to improve their website’s link popularity.


Types of Directory:

  • Paid directory submission
  • Free directory submission
  • Reciprocal directory submission
  1. Paid directory submission: In a paid directory submission directory, the website owner will charge for the submissions. In this process we can get approved links hand to hand within 24 hours. This is fastest way to get incoming links for the website.
  2. Free directory submission: Most of people are using a free directory submission in SEO because it is free of cost. In this process, you don’t have any surety that your link will be approved or not. In this process you can wait for the approval after a day, week or a month.
  3. Reciprocal directory submission: In this process, links are commonly arranged between two webmasters. They both exchange their back links and get link popularity for their website. It is a risky process because if one site will be penalized by the search engine then automatically it effects on other website.


Directory Submission Process:

  • Automated directory submission
  • Manually directory submission
  1. Automated directory submission: In this process, many software and tools are used for submissions. It is best way for saving time because in this process, you can submit many directories within short time periods. In this process, you can save your time but it is not an effective than manually submissions because these submissions are not accept by the search engine.
  2. Manually directory submission: This process takes more time than the automated directory submission. In this process, directory submission work by manually. It is so effective if you can get approved link time to time.


Benefits of Directory Submission:

  • Higher Position in the Search Engine Results:
  • Web Site Indexed:
  • Click through Traffic
  1. Higher Position in the Search Engine Results: Directory submission is useful for getting website’s higher position in the search engine. Many online marketing experts use a directory submission for your website’s assurance and higher ranking in the search engine result page. It is a simple way for getting back links and increasing the visibility of the website on the search engine results page.
  2. Web Site Indexed: If your website is newly launched and you want to be crawled by the search engine, then directory submission is a best way for you. As result of directory submission, your website will be indexed regularly and found easily by the crawler.
  3. Click through Traffic: With the help of directory submission, you get more traffic on your website. Before submitting your website, make sure your category is appropriate for the website.


Reasons behind Rejected Directory Submission

  • Wrong Category
  • Invalid Description
  • Duplicate Content
  1. Wrong Category: When you don’t choose the right category for the submission, it will result in the rejection of your submission. So before choosing the category, make sure the category suits your content.
  2. Invalid Description: Invalid information of your website is another cause of rejecting your submission. Giving the full information about your website.
  3. Duplicate Content: Remember, your content should be unique and appropriate for the website. Duplicate content is never approved by the search engine.

At last, the directory is an important part of increasing the visibility of your website on the search engine result page. So, submit your directory in the right way so that you increase your website’s traffic and ranking.

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