Forums Posting: Learn about Effective Forum Posting

Forums Posting: Learn about Effective Forum Posting

What Are Forums?

What are the uses of Forums?

Are they meant for sharing knowledge or for putting the links?

What are Signature Links?

What are the Uses of Forums in SEO?

Forums are they still beneficial or not?

Some tips for using forums.

What Are Forums

In a simple language, we can say Internet forums or message boards are online discussion sites, where users can hold conversations by posting their messages on the forum site. These messages can be anything from a general discussion, any question arising in your mind or any suggestions for the others.

Forums have a tree like structure. A forum consist number of sub-forums, each of which have a number of topics. Each new discussion is called a thread. Anyone can reply to threads. The top end is categories, and under the categories, there are sub-forums and these sub-forums can have more sub-forums. Logically, forums are a well organized set of topics driven by members of the group and governed by a moderator.


Uses of Forums

A Forum is actually a very effective way to discuss and exchange ideas with others. One can learn new things or can get new information through forums. There are also options to put links in forums; you can suggest a good resource of knowledge to others.

  • Way to exchange ideas and thoughts.
  • One can offer opinions and advice.
  • Be up to date and get the latest information.
  • Meet new friends.

There are some rules that are to be followed by the every forum site:

No Spamming: Spamming is posting unnecessary or unethical posts that have no sense in it. The Post should be according to categories and fresh, consisting of the right piece of information.

No trolls: Users post sensitive messages are called trolls. These kinds of messages may provoke other users to comment on the post which leads to further war between forum posters.

Multi-posting: Posting the same message in different categories not allowed by the moderator.

If you violate these rules, you will be warned twice or thrice or your account gets banned by the moderator.

Are they meant for sharing knowledge or for putting the links?

Some people think that forums are for putting links only, they are wrong. Use of a forum, just for the sake of promotion, will lead to the violation of forum rules. Yes, you can post your link as your signature, but it should be in a wise way. Your post should be relevant, containing no unnecessary or copied material. If you have generally suggested any links, then it must be according to the needs of the other participants.

Signature Link in Forums

In your signature you can put your permanent link. Adding a signature in a forum depends on the rules of the forums. In some forums, one can post a signature in the starting, some accept signature after 10, 15 or 25 posts. It depends on the forum rules.

Use of Forums in SEO

One can use forums for link promotion, along with information sharing in a smart and wise way. It needs your own analyzing power on where and how to put your link so that it seems natural to the common user and the moderator. That’s why forum posting is also as a good SEO technique for getting high quality back links.

Are they still beneficial or not?

Forums are still quite beneficial because they are the most effective way to seek and share the latest information regarding anything.

Here below are some tips for using forums:      

  • First of all read out the forum rules and guidelines.
  • Search other posts if your topic has already been covered. Don’t post on a thread which is too old or has no recent discussion presently.
  • Use a meaningful title if you are posting a thread. (Yes you can post threads regarding any question or a particular topic you want.)
  • Be civil and stay on topic.
  • Ignore spammers, do not respond them personally, you can report them.
  • Do not post the same piece of content in different threads.
  • Do not use other thread for personal communication.
  • Use a modest signature; do not use huge and annoying signatures.
  • Do not violate a copyright.

Keep reading the good posts; I hope the above information will be beneficial to you. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to ask.

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