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Influencer Marketing is the Future of Marketing

Internet brought a massive pond of possibilities for businesses. It paved way for everything new and provided for an enormous virtual space for businesses to connect with consumers.

We live in the world of consolidations, where a user instead of blindly believing an advertisement, trusts what their preferred personalities say.

Therefore, influencer marketing can be that filler that you have long been looking for.

So, how does it work?

Many are still skeptical about its impact and question whether it really can be of help to their business. But the fact is that this method has already rooted a strong grip in the marketing space. As many as 84% marketers are likely to run 1 influencer marketing campaign in the least in the coming year.

Influencer marketing is a subtle play. It works on connections and reputation. You just need to associate with someone known for their work. Even a testimonial from that influencer brings animating results as compared to traditional method of advertising and marketing. It all depends on the brand on how they collaborate with an influencer and how smartly you put up your adverts. Especially in a scenario where about 47% consumers use tools to block ads, it becomes even wiser to go the influencer marketing route.


Go the Influencer marketing route because:

1. It works:

This form of marketing resonates the times when people relied on word of mouth. According to a study, word of mouth marketing doubles your sales as compared to paid marketing. Brands can leverage this word of mouth fancy by associating with the right personalities who are famous amongst your market audience.

2. Difficult to ignore:

Ads have been there and there is no denial to the fact that they work. But audience is increasingly becoming immune to advertisements. Consumers have educated themselves to block online ads. Find an influencer with a good following in your market. Neither would you need a catchy caption nor would you need a mention of your product. It is more than enough if your chosen influencer holds your product or has it placed somewhere visible in the picture you post or the campaign you run.

3. Now is the best time to leap in:

Internet has created an influx of personalities who have a massive follow-ship, despite the fact that they are not celebrities. Indeed, internet has made them the celebrities of the web. But there is a catch; there are a number of web celebrities but not many brands are fully into inculcating them in the marketing campaign. If you hop in now and associate with the right influencer, you won’t have to pay them hefty amounts and the results are bound to be shockingly good.

4. Enticing not interruptive:

How many ads come interrupting your TV watching experience, have you ever wondered? If a study is to be believed, we get exposed to 5000 ads a day. Even if the figure is not that accurate, we do get interrupted by a lot many of them. Thus, the instinct to block them is only natural. But same is not the case with influencer marketing. It reaches the audience so seamlessly that they do not even realize that they have been interrupted by something mundane or routine. In fact it encourages involvement.

5. Best ROI:

When you make an ad, be it video or audio, it demands a lot of capital and of course a celebrity endorsement when you go the video route. Whereas, influencer marketing doesn’t demand that much of investment nor do you need to lose your bank to a celebrity. You just need a meager investment when you associate with an influencer who is famous in your niche domain. You conversion rate enhances miraculously with his association with you. Thus, this method of marketing promises the best ROI when done smartly.

6. Enhanced Customer Relations:

I do not need to mention that social media is indispensable to your business. Run your campaign on social media channels and see the engagement you receive. You do not need a video when you accord with an influencer to run your campaign. They already enjoy a great following on all major social media forums and their followers engage instantly with your campaign which not only brings traffic to your site but also conversions. Again it only adds to your ROI.

7. Brand Awareness:

Once an influencer aligns with your campaign on social media, it becomes easier than ever for you to reach your audience and to inform them about your services, deals, and discounts. Plus you reach those who are your target audience more easily as they come observing your campaign naturally and organically. Not only it increases credibility in your brand but it also proliferates your business and its awareness.

Needless to say that Influencer marketing is not only influential but also economical. After all, there is a reason why it is called influencer marketing because it makes a precise impact and brings back the best ROIs.

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