Mobile Friendly Search: Need, Benefits, Future and Solution

Mobile Friendly Search: Need, Benefits, Future and Solution

We all know that today mobile search results are  increasing day by day and right now if you check real time traffic (from Google Analytics) to your website then you will find more than 40 to 70 percent amount of mobile traffic of your total visitors. So check your Google analytics right now and if your are having mobile customers/visitors then this post is for you!

Why Mobile Search Results are Increasing day by day?

Every third person is having smart-phone these days and every smart phone have internet connection. When a smart consumer/customer research for prices, reviews, quality and other issues for the desired product or service and their smartphone internet search option help them out to reach this goal. These users are real buyers and service needy people and all major search engines know this fact. That is why all search engine giving preference to mobile customers and improving mobile friendly websites in search results.

Need of Mobile Friendly Websites:

As we see that there are less spamming in mobile search market and this is a good hub of real customers. So if your website is mobile friendly then you can boost your sales and services. One can find the mobile friendly version as well as mobile app for big and popular websites because they don’t want to loose their targeted audience.
If you are a small business and can not afford mobile app then at-least go with mobile friendly version of your website. It is not that much costly. Ask your developers to create the mobile friendly version of your website by today itself. Every second you are losing your customers, so go and get them

Mobile Friendly Label

Mobile Friendly Label

Mobile Version of

Mobile Version of

Benefits of Having Mobile Friendly Website:

According to a survey near about 6 million+ website will get down-rank in Google search results because of this factor so for you it is a big opportunity to grab the more customers and to generate leads for your product and services.

If you want to check whether your website is mobile friendly in search results or not, simply search your top keywords and if there is mobile friendly label is present in front of your description then you have mobile friendly version of your website. Also open your website on any mobile devise and check is your content and all other information is easy to get or not? If you have adsense on your website then also check that your mobile version is displaying the ads or not?
Sometime you have mobile friendly website but your content, links, ads and other stuff is not present in eye catchy manner or format. So to fulfill your goals like earning money from adsense, sales, promotions and all remaining goals you should have a well managed version of your website that satisfy the mobile user needs.

Future of Mobile Marketing in SEO:

After panda and penguin algorithm, mobile search results will be the biggest change in Google search algorithm changes and it effects every result. Websites, which is not mobile friendly, either in home page or any other landing page will go down in search engine rankings.

Solution: How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly?

First check your website is mobile friendly or not?

  • Search your keywords through mobile web browser and look for the mobile friendly label      or
  • Go to the webmaster tool and then put the URL in mobile friendly testing tool release by Google.

If  pass this test then no need to do anything but if you fails in this test or in finding mobile friendly label then ask your developers to make your website responsive.
This helps in your SEO, Lead generation, Covering more audience as well as create a good reputation of your website.

Thanks for reading this, put your thoughts in comment box if you have any question/query about this post.

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