SEO: What it is? How to do this? and Results!

SEO: What it is? How to do this? and Results!

Are you new to internet marketing field? Looking for a career in SEO, Read this basic terms these will help out you in SEO interview.

  • What is SEO?
  • What are main categories of SEO?
  • What thing to consider for better SEO?
  • How to Get Ranking?


What is SEO?

SEO i.e. stand for search engine optimization is a process of improving the visibility of a product (website) on organic search engine result pages. Performing SEO aim is to get traffic for your site and publicize your brand. Today, every business requires a website to promote their products and services globally or locally. In a second term it is also known as online marketing.

What are main categories of SEO? What thing to consider for better SEO?

SEO is divided mainly in two parts.Wherein, the first part is on page SEO, and second one is Off Page SEO. So, here our main topic is what the top manual SEO queries are. So, without getting into the depth of SEO terms, I would bring your focus to our main topic. I’m going to spill SEO queries in two parts.

1. On Page SEO:


A) Check the Meta tittles: is the Meta title relevant to your web page content or related to the services that your site provides. You can take the help of webmaster tool to search relevant title for your site.

B) Check the Meta description: is the Meta description helpful for Google spider to bring your web page in the first rank. Make sure description contain the keyword for which you want to target.

C). Check Meta keywords: It is very important to choose relevant keywords for a web page. This process requires much research. Only choose the keywords that are helpful for users to describe that the information/services of your website are workable. For this, you can also take help of webmaster and web analytic tool.

D). Web Page Content:Make sure your web page content is unique, informative, useful and relevant about your brand. Don’t copy and paste the content.

E). Keyword Density:Make sure your keyword density for a single keyword is not more than 4%. It is good to put it in between 3 to 4%.

F). Keyword stuffing:Do not overly stuff keywords in your content. Maintain it on the key phrase.

G). Alt tags: Using images in web pages relevant to your product and services can be beneficial. Don’t forget to use alt tags, dimension and caption for the images. These terms help the search engine spider to crawl the images friendly.

H). Google Analytic: Use the Google analytic for your site. It helps you to find about the actual thing going in your site like organic traffic, social traffic, and audience etc.And also, helps you to make people aware about the site. That is it guides you about what you have to do further for your site to make it friendly to Google algorithms.

I). Webmaster tool:Many times we saw owners forget to include this step in their site. This tool helps you to find inbounding/out bounding, and broken links for your site.

J). Robert.txt: Make sure that you have used Robert.txt in your site. This attribute controls the relevancy of Do Follow and do not follow of the link. Hence, If on page is optimized well, it helps a lot to crawl your site very easily and also helps in getting high rank in SER’s pages.

2. Off Page SEO:


A) Whether website is designed search engine friendly or not?

First thing to see in off page is whether the website is designed with well structure or not. Like, issue in html coding, sitemap.html, Sitemap.xml. How it appears in web and mobile. Also, check whether social media pages are made or not, and if not then ensure to sort these issues and update regularly on social media.

B). Whether we are working on relevant resources or not?

This is major issue. Note only build back linking is not the major point to getting a site in high rank in SER’s pages. For instance: if you are targeting UK projects then make sure that the resources you use to build a back link to your site is from UK region.

C). Off Page Results?

Doing link building is not enough. You also need to ensure about the results. If results are not in your favor then do find the reason and make changes on your link building strategy from different ways. There are a number of link building techniques.

D). Make sure your Website is designed user friendly?

To make your audience visit your site regularly, it is necessary to make the website user friendly.Where, they can get relevant and useful information. Don’t make the site only for business purposes. Try to update the content time to time, so that your viewers keep checking with your updates.This can further increase the traffic to your site.
if your blog is in wordpress then I suggest you to choose best wordpress blog theme.

How to get Ranking?

In my views it is the most important query for everyone, i.e. how to perform effective off page SEO. And to answer this question is necessary to be an SEO specialist. So, try to build a back link from a new domain with niche category. It increases the number of back links for your site. Forget to build more than two back links from the same domain. Because, from a single domain even if you are getting 4-5 links then Google will count it only once. You can do this task like guest blogging, forum posting, link exchange and more. So, try to build back links from those sites that have Google page rank. Hence,a number of back links help you to get high rank in SER’s pages.

Result: As an SEO specialist, we should know about these terms and also keep upgraded with the latest. Because if you are not aware of the terms Google cache, indexing, and the working process of Google algorithm, then you it will be challenging for you to handle SEO in the current scenario.

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